It was created in 1975. The group takes its name from a Lower Silesian dance from Jedlina Zdroj. The members of the ensemble are students of the Agricultural University of Wroclaw and other university centers in Wroclaw. Not only does the ensemble perform the Silesian folklore, for instance, Lower Silesian, Upper Silesian, Cieszynski and Opolski Silesian, Beskid Slajski, Zaglebie Dabrowskie, but also from other Polish regions like Beskid Zywiecki, in the area of Nowy Sacz and Opoczno. Also national Polish dances - polonaise, masur and cracoviac are included in their repertoir.

"Jedliniok" gives preformances during very important cultural events in the city and it attends festivals, outdoor activities, reviews and university students celebrations.

The group has performed in many countries and in different continents, representing Poland in numerous and famous international folk festivals.

IFF - International Folklor Festival

For its contribution to spreading the national Polish culture in and out of the country and artistic achievements, the group was awarded the Diploma of the Minister of Culture and Art and also the Golden Badge to the Merit for the Wroclaw Province and the City of Wroclaw.

It has also been awarded national and international prizes, distinctions, diplomas and medals, for example, for their work in favour of the Agricultural University of Wroclaw including the Medal of the 50th Anniversary of the Agricultural University.

"Jedliniok" also organises didactic and training courses. Since its foundation around 3000 students from different university centers in Wroclaw have attended its activities. Former members of the ensemble on numerous occasions have created and taken up the management of their own folk groups and are promoters of the cultural life in the region.